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Inclement Weather Guide

winterThere are numerous ways to receive bad weather information and its impact on SLBA.  As soon as a weather-related decision is made, a School Cast email and text is sent to SLBA faculty, staff, and parents, while simultaneous phone calls are made to the news media.  The notification will also be posted to the SLBA Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Parents can also watch or listen for weather announcements on the following radio or television stations:


Current weather conditions and forecast: Monroe area

TV Stations

  1. WBTV News Channel 3
  2. WCNC (NBC) Channel 36
  3. WSOC-TV News Channel 9
  4. Carolina News 14
  5. WCCB-FOX 18

Radio Stations

  1. WIXE Radio 1190 AM
  2. WRCM 91.9 radio
SLBA always follows the UCPS schedule on delays and cancellations.

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