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2013-2014 Student Achievements

NCCSA_awardSeveral of our students spent multiple hours exerting time and energy in preparation for a variety of state competitions. These students were recently rewarded for their hard work. Join us as we congratulate them!




Academics & Fine Arts

Abbi VonCannon 6th grade
Journalism – 3rd place (NCCSA Western Region)

Mark Dashchnko 6th grade
Essay – 2nd place (NCCSA Western Region)

Alex Marchand 7th grade
Oil Painting – 3rd place (NCCSA)

Charity Haren 9th grade
Polychromatic Drawing – Excellent rating (NCCSA)

Amit Kohli 9th grade
Spelling Bee – 2nd place (NCCSA)

Sarah Frye 9th grade
Landscape/Architecture Photography – Excellent rating (NCCSA)

Sarah Painter 11th grade
Landscape/Architecture Photography – Superior rating (NCCSA)



Joshua Cruse Senior
Basketball – 1st team All-State (NCCSA)
Soccer – 1st team All-State (NCCSA)



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